ANF Technology kicks off commercial sales.

21 December

ANF Technology Limited, the producer and owner of the technology behind NAFEN alumina nanofibers, has started the process of commercial sales of the revolutionary nano additive.  NAFEN, most well-known for its amazing mechanical enhancements in epoxy-based materials, has seen a dramatic rise in interest for its physical properties as well as the mechanical strength increases it has provided.

With the first commercial purchase agreements now in place with European and American firms, ANF Technology will begin providing NAFEN based products for various industry leaders in the areas of composites, adhesives and coatings.

Tim Ferland, ANF’s Commercial Director states, “It has been a long road to get to this point in the development of the NAFENbusiness cycle.  Breaking out of the start-up phase into full product development with customers and now breaking into commercial sales has taken more than two years.  NAFEN is a revolutionary product that is showing its worth to our customers in cost savings, higher performance levels and premium returns in their own revenues.  We expect exponential growth in our sales once the first NAFEN-Enhanced products hit the end-user markets.”

Started in 2011, ANF Technology has evolved its business beyond the core nanomaterial itself and developed high-quality dispersions in various liquid and resin media to make NAFEN as easy to use as possible for its industrial customers.  Instead of having to make a quality dispersion in their own facilities, customers can receive a pre-dispersed version of NAFEN in an epoxy system that is compatible with their production process, thus eliminating significant time and cost in R&D to make the nanomaterial function in the desired way.  By eliminating additional steps in the production process, ANF has made NAFEN an easy decision for customers looking for added performance without extra work.

ANF Technology is a UK registered limited liability corporation with manufacturing facilities in Tallinn, Estonia.  NAFEN is a registered trademark of ANF Technnology Limited, all rights reserved.

Small things making a big difference

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 685213

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